PROFLAB Educational Project

  • PROFLAB Educational Project

PROFLAB Educational Project

The Vladimir Smirnov Foundation is launching Educational Project involving a series of lectures, training and workshops relating to working with children.

Project coordinator: Anna Savelieva +7(499)124-69-35

The course will last for 8 months starting from 30 January 2014.

Classes will be held once a week on Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. or once a month at the weekend from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m.

The sessions are grouped into 4 blocks, each addressing a separate topic and ending with a workshop.


Main topics of the course:

·      Age specifics

·      Psychological and pedagogical skills (basics of collaborative pedagogy)

·      Basics of psychological consulting

·      Specifics of working with orphans and disabled persons

·      Collaborating with children in crisis situations

·      First aid

·      Safety organization

·      Behaviour in emergency situations

Upon graduation, course trainees obtain a relevant certificate.

The programme will be interesting for those who have to deal with children, i.e. teachers, nurses, volunteers, and parents.

Key teachers

Ludmila Petranovskaya. Background: Tashkent University, the Faculty of Philology, the Institute of Psychoanalysis, psychological consulting, the Institute of Family and Group Psychotherapy, psychodrama. Work experience: family psychologist, specialist in placing orphaned children in families. Membership and authorship: member of the Association of Specialists in Placing Orphans in Families "Family for the Child",   winner of the Russian President's Award for Educational Excellence, the author of "The Adopted Child at School",   "Your Behaviour or Ten Steps to Change It", "Difficult Age",   "What to do if …".

Experts of the ANO PRO-MAMA Centre. The Centre is set up by top experts in family placement who have developed the principles of professional work with adoptive families, widely employed in Russia. The Centre is unique in providing comprehensive aid to families and supportive guidance to families and children until the latter enter the real world.

Dmitry Shapovalov. Psychologist, instructor, teacher at the Scientific Research Institute for Social Psychology and Personality Development Psychology. In the past, a teacher at the Methodical Control Centre for Education (the Psychology Laboratory)       of the Moscow Northern Administrative District (NAD) and head of the Psychological Service at the Education Centre No. 1601 of the Moscow NAD. He uses the cognitive-behavioural approach, and has run a host of children's programmes, training sessions for parents and ropes courses. Despite all his official functions, he is one of the most positive persons whose simplicity, grace and skill in conveying information are inspiring.

Alexander Kolmanovsky. Background: Faculty of Biology, the Chair of Molecular Biology (1978); Faculty of Psychology, the Chair of Age Psychology (2002) at Moscow State University (MSU). He was a school psychologist for more than 10 years, and worked at the Children's Cancer Institute of the Blokhin Cancer Centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences for 6 years. He runs the Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation Centre "Our Life". Alexander is the author of a course in family psychology. He used this programme in hot spots, including Beslan. He conducts seminars for teachers and school psychologists. Alexander Kolmanovsky urges parents to refrain from punishing their children for whatever reasons. He has more than twenty years of work experience.

Tatyana Veter. Psychology consultant, methodologist, coach. She has long experience in training and skill upgrading of educational psychologists and educational staff. Experience: She was running the Practical Education Psychology Department at the Methodological Centre of NAD 1998-2012,   taught at Moscow-based universities, and was a methodologist at the "Green Branch" Centre for Psychological, Medical and Social Support. She is a recipient of the education grant from Moscow City. She has authored programmes and articles covering the psychological aspects of working with adults and children.

Robert Tuikin. Director General of Vershitel, a training company. His career milestones include a tourist club, coaching, rescue operations, the Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine, consulting,   etc.

 "In psychology, I adhere to solution focused therapy (SFT). I'm fond of combining incompatible things and create strong associations generating an extraordinary amount of energy usable for building a positive world. I flatter myself that I am the catalyst of these processes. As a matter of fact, it makes no difference, because the world is buzzing, boiling and transforming and the total quantity of happiness in the Universe is increasing. Maybe happiness is similar to entropy and everything is moving towards it?"

Elena Beregovaya. Director of the Vladimir Smirnov Foundation. Her background is in psychology and pedagogy and she holds a Master's Degree in Pedagogy. Besides, Elena is an expert in medicine, arts, and management.

"I am a sociable and vibrant person committed to creation. I love people, nature, music, good meal and philosophy. I have two children, and I take an active part in the public and political life of my city, my country and the world. I want to live in Russia and make it better, and that's what I do in our Foundation. To work with soul mates is a real gift from heaven!"