Social activities

  • Council on Guardianship under the Government of the Russian Federation

Council on Guardianship under the Government of the Russian Federation

The Government Council on Guardianship was established in 2012. This deliberative body considers vital issues in the field of social protection of citizens in tight life situations, including children without parental care and handicapped people, and develops proposals on improvement of state policy in the social sphere.

The Vladimir Smirnov Public Foundation is a member of the Council. Gatherings provide opportunities to meet representatives of various agencies and nonprofit organizations, so that we discuss problems and make decisions together. The Council oversees such matters as the development of social control and guardianship in the social sphere, medicine and pharmaceuticals, children in tight life situations, problems of disabled citizens and the elderly, as well as education of children. What’s important is that the new law on social services gives nongovernmental organizations the opportunity to render social services, and the Council intends to promote these innovations.

The Council devotes much time to working with handicapped children. Together with representatives from non-profit organizations, it initiated the inspection of orphanages, the results of which brought about the amendments in operation of these institutions. We also support innovative practices in the work of socially oriented not-for-profit organizations, which lead to the general improvement of social services’ quality and functioning.

You can follow activities of the Council on its official website, or on its Facebook page:

  • Board of guardians of the orphanage #21

Board of guardians of the orphanage #21

The orphanage #21 for special-needs children of the Department of social protection was founded in 1967. The Board of guardians formed within this orphanage aims to support management of the establishment in their plans to improve living conditions and achieve progress in work with children. Members of the Board make proposals concerning developmental education, upbringing and socialization of children, as well as improvement of the systematic activities in the field of social service for disabled kids, including implementation of advanced experience in practice.  The Board is ready to collaborate with state run public authorities and institutions of local government in order to help operation of the orphanage.